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Group leaders

For all youths between 16 and 30 years old

Every person interested in participating in SYMdonbosco2015 must register officially to the event.
Also registration for young people from Turin is mandatory.

Registration must be completed by the 31st of May.

Choose how to participate according to these three options

Participate to
SYM Don Bosco 2015

Ask your group leader for registration

Choir and orchestra

Say it to your group leader while asking for registration


Ask your group leader for more information

Group leaders


Group leader requirements
  • is an adult
  • guarantees his presence in SYMdonbosco2015 for the entire duration of the event
  • assumes responsibility for the group he leads
  • assumes responsibility for any underage youth he accompanies


Group leader indications
The leader registers his group in SYMdonbosco2015 through the on line booking system.
Once registration is completed, group will receive a registration number, which must be recorded and used in future communications with the organizational staff.
Every youth who wants to participate in SYMdonbosco2015 contacts his group leader and fills the “Registration Form” paper, which will be available online for download and print.

Note  Please verify the correctness and completeness of data before proceeding with the registration.

The leader will ask to each participant:
If adult:
  • signed “registration form”
  • photocopy of an identity document/passport
  • personal data treatment authorization
If underage:
  • “registration form”
  • photocopy of identity card/passport and personal data treatment document
  • authorization of the parent/legal guardian


Online registration
In order to perform the registration, the leader creates an account to the booking system through an online form and receives by email his credentials to proceed with the registration.
The leader enters his own and his group data, then each participant one.

Note  It is possible to enter participants data and modify it at different times. Registration is considered “valid” only and exclusively after payment reception. After the day defined as “registration deadline”, modification on participants data will NOT be accepted anymore.


Registration start and close dates


Payment of registration fees (corresponding to the number of members multiplied by the member registration fee) will be available through the online system only.

Note  The group leader decides on how to collect personal member registration quotas at his own discretion.


Once payment has been made, registration is confirmed and the leader receives an email with the confirmation of the operation and a report with the registration data.