On the Feast of Assumption of Mary, the people of Don Bosco invades Colle Don Bosco.
At 14.30, the 5000 young people already arrived in the morning in Castelnuovo Don Bosco gathered in the main square of the village under the great statue of the saint, the first made in the world.

From there, the Rector Major, Fr Á.F. Artime, and the Mother General, Sr Y. Reungoat, have given way to the great pilgrimage putting himself at the head of the procession that traveled 4 km of the “Route of the Pope” leading to Colle Don Bosco.

Along the way, songs, chants and prayers chanted the road in the pouring rain.

The event organizers have set up indoor places for all young people who will wait for the start of the evening vigil. Colle Don Bosco has opened the doors of its environment, including the two great basilicas, to the pilgrims who have settled with mattresses and sleeping bags.

Tonight at 21 will begin the vigil that will lead to the long-awaited day of the two-hundredth birthday of Don Bosco.

Tomorrow, August 16, at 10 am in the square outside the Basilica Maggiore, the Rector Major will preside at the Mass that will close the year-long bicentenary of the birth of the saint. In addition to the young people of the SYM at Colle Don Bosco in 2015 will come thousands of pilgrims that will follow the celebration thanks to the giant screens set up on either side of the Basilica.