Still afresh, we are half way through in celebrating Don Bosco with a joyful heart.

After yesterday’s SYM party in the evening at Ruffini park again the sports stadium was filled with 5000 different colours, 5000 hearts that was beating in unison at the sign of LIKE, WITH and FOR. The youth from Meridonale province, Kosovo, Albaia and Zurich presented the testimony of faith and vocation and by the novices and Salesian co-operators, especially in welcoming Fr. A.F. Artime, the 10th Successor of Don Bosco. The theme of today was FOR the young and Rector Major spoke of hope, future Salesianità, and of dreams. “I dream that nothing or no one stifles or steals your dreams of goodness, kindness and better humanity. Dreams that the young Salesians in the world may have the capacity to be alternatives, to be the counter-cultures in which going against the tide is important and obligatory. I dream of youth who are gifted to think, who are right and have a great heart and have the ability to say YES and NO, with great liberty”.

It was Fr. Angel Fernanado Artime who presided over the Eucharist and in the homily thanked all those who were present saying, “we are living a marvellous and a very special moment because each one of you is marvellous and special, offering the best of oneself so that each one has a different taste and lets us feel that we are alive. In the Salesian language the promised land are the youth. Hear and now, is our promised land. It is your duty to be animators and guides to those who will come after you and protect and bear witness to the dreams of the Salesian Family”.

In the afternoon there were still visits to the city. In the evening that awaits them, will have a presentation of a Spanish musical at Pala Ruffini – “Thank you Don Bosco”, the time table of which is anticipated to 20.30 with also live streaming on Youtube channel.

The programme for tomorrow, the last day at Turin, before moving everything to Colle Don Bosco, from where all have its origin in celebrating St. John Bosco.