Don Bosco’s children have invaded Turin – 5000 youth from 53 countries at Pala Ruffini where they have the celebration. LIKE, WITH, FOR; Like Don Bosco, With the Young, For the Young. This is the slogan of the event and the Salesian Youth Movement. SYM 2015 is a feast and an encounter but evenmore a family gathering – a family that embraces the whole world. They are the children of Don Bosco who launch themselves into future. “Do not let anyone steal your joy, your purity and your hope”. It is the invitation extended to the youth by Bp. Van Looy in his inaugural homily. A motivation to all to leave their abodes and to open their hearts to the world and to others, to future and to hope; the hope that is the moving force of the whole Church, reminded the bishop of Gent. The first day was concluded with a great feast at Valdocco with the presentation of the new logo of SYM Italy. From the good night talk of Rector Major at the motherhouse: “Don Bosco continues to be present in each one of you”.

The testimonies of life and faith by the youngsters from different countries in these frist two days were on; growing close to God, the Christian faith in places of war and terrorism, helping the poorest and the social network in spreading the Gospel.

In today’s gathering of WITH THE YOUNG, Mother Yvonne, the Mother General of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians was present to speak with the children of the Saint of the youth. With a joy that is the hallmark of the salesian youth she said, “we are 5000 hearts in one heart. This is peace in the world. The Salesians are the only Congregaton that was founded with the young people. Therefore today the Salesian family is built with the young or without them it cannot be built. Every youth has in his heart dreams and great desires to transform the world; the today’s world is what it is but the world of tomorrow is what the youth of today create. Do not stifle your dreams but share them. In sharing that you find ways to bring to reality your dreams. There are no boundaries to the Saleisan youth; the world is ours and we belong to Christ”.

In the homily of the Eucharist Bp. Savio Hon Tai-Fai addressed all those present as “successors of Don Bosco; heirs to his mission – With the young and For the young”. But the day does not come to an end here. In the afternoon the 5000 Salesian youth have invaded the streets of Turin in discovering the beautiful places of the holy city. From Valdocco to St. Peter in chains, from the Cathedral to Consolata, passing by the Cottolengo, the Great Mother and Piazza Castello, St. Francis of Assisi, the Museum of the Holy Shroud, the Church of the Body of Christ and many other places while visiting Don Bosco, till post dinner programme. As we wait for the evening party at the park at Ruffini, let us remember to be 5000 hearts in one heart, ready to illuminate the light of hope.

Bye and See you tomorrow.